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Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas industry invests around US$10 Bn per year in acquiring, processing and interpreting geophysical data. ACTeQ's mission is to maximize the industry's return on investment (ROI) through optimization and efficient execution of surveys design.

Our approach is holistic.

  • We consider the whole spectrum of measurements : P-wave, S-wave seismic, EM etc.

  • We evaluate acquisition techniques : cables, nodes, impulsive/non-impulsive sources etc.

  • We assess processing & imaging techniques : Full Waveform Inversion, Compressive Sensing, Deblending etc.

  • We optimize survey design and manage the project to deliver the required image quality with the minimum cost, environmental impact and health/safety exposure.

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Onshore and offshore, ACTeQ delivers 2D and 3D seismic survey designs to ensure safe and efficient imaging of large frontier areas.

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Field Development

Field development requires higher resolution imaging delivered by dense surface shots and receivers. DAS borehole receivers can provide valuable data. Reservoir characterization can often be aided by multicomponent data. For time lapse reservoir monitoring the key is to maximize repeatability and minimize repeated cost.

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TesserACT addresses the unique requirements of high resolution site surveys. On a recent project, a survey was designed to use diffraction imaging to resolve 0.5m boulders buried up to 100m below the seabed.

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