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Our environmental commitment

We will strive to leave our planet a better place than we found it

Our Environmental Footprint

Our mission is to design geophysical surveys that achieve imaging objectives with the minimum cost and personnel exposure ... that also means that we deliver projects with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

We have no office. That means that our workers do not waste their time (or our planet's carbon) by commuting every day. We rarely travel and make use of telecommuting wherever possible. This keeps our carbon footprint (and costs) very low !

Our Academic Program

ACTeQ understands the importance of passing our knowledge on to the next generation. Although we are small, we find the time to support academic programs wherever possible. Our current activities involve University of Tulsa, Colorado School of Mines and Makerere University (Uganda)




Hari Krishna - CGG

Tesseract has proved itself very versatile for our use, especially in the planning/design stage when we are looking at a multitude of options

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