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TesserACT Software

Survey Design Optimization

One tool for all your on-shore, offshore and borehole survey design needs

What's New ?

Latest news on how to create survey designs that deliver enhanced resolution, with lower acquisition cost and reduced HSE exposure.

ZDesign 4 web.png

3D Ray tracing for survey design optimization.

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Compressive Sensing is athe potential to improve resolution and reduce cost by 25-50%.

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Adequately Constructed Time (ACT) is a new metric that allows a user to estimate the post-5D interpolation imaging capability of a survey design

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Pre-design geophysics

TesserACT's pre-design geophysics tools ensure that your survey design has the right aperture and spatial sampling to deliver the image you need at the minimum cost.



The TesserACT base product has limited modeling capability (dipping layer cake model with a constant velocity gradient).

Z-Design is a TesserACT module that delivers full 3D ray tracing functionality.

For the most challenging projects, ACTeQ has partnered with Z-Terra to offer wave equation based  illumination studies.

TesserACT also offers a direct connection to NORSAR's modelling software.

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Hazard avoidance

TesserACT offers a powerful set of manual and automatic hazard avoidance tools,

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Wizard based geometry creation

TesserACT's wizard based user interface makes it easy to generate even the most complicated survey geometry. Complex roll patterns and variable density shots and receivers are a snap ! 



TesserACT is a true GIS system with the ability to import, display and use static and dynamic spatial data.


Industry standards

TesserACT support all industry standard data including SPS, UKOOA P1-11/P1-90, KMS, CAD, GEO-TIFF, Shape files, PNG, JPG, etc. 



TesserACT combines a sophisticated route optimization algorithm with detailed operational modeling to deliver the lowest cost solution to any operational challenge.

In marine applications, we employ a time and space variant current model to minimize in-fill shooting.


Weighted Path Optimization

A set of user defined constraints and weights allow automated survey design that achieves the desired balance between cost, environmental impact and geophysical requirements.

See November 2022 "Leading Edge" article by Dean et al.


Coverage analysis

TesserACT supports rigorous binning combing new and legacy coverage from any form of acquisition : towed streamer, seabed nodes, seabed cables, floating nodes, borehole etc. Traditional PP and PS and Fresnel Zone binning are supported. 

Detailed bin, line and 3D displays are available

Emissions and fuel consumption estimation 

TesserACT can now estimate fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for marine geophysical surveys based on the EnerGeoAlliance  “Guidance for Estimating and Reporting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions”. Estimates are based on information such as the drag associated with towed equipment and variations in ocean and tidal current. These tools allow a user to compare the emissions and fuel consumption for multiple candidate survey designs.

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