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Operational Environments

Hybrid (Streamer + Nodes)

Towed streamers are the most cost effective way to acquire short (<12km) offset p-wave seismic data in open water.

Nodes can deliver ultra high Signal to Noise ratio long offset p and s wave data in challenging shallow water and heavily obstructed areas.

Many operators are now using both techniques to deliver smart hybrid solutions.

  • Sparse node grids can be used to define an improved velocity field through Full Wave form Inversion. Streamer and node data can be acquired simultaneously or independently.

  • Nodes can be used to undershoot obstructed areas using shots from a simultaneously acquired streamer survey.

  • Short streamers towed behind an OBN shooting vessel can deliver short offset data, eliminating the need for dense, expensive nodes.

Our TesserACT based workflows will ensure that your investment efficiently delivers the technical and business objectives of your Hybrid Project


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