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Happy New Year

from ACTeQ


2023 was a big year for ACTeQ, and we have much more planned for 2024. In 2023 we introduced our Z-Design 3D ray tracing technology, which is seamlessly integrated into our TesserACT Survey Design and Optimization software. We also presented papers at several professional gatherings and received 2 patents. Most importantly we have had the pleasure of working with our growing user community to deliver better, faster, safer seismic surveys with reduced environmental impact at lower cost.


Happy New Year from

Everyone at ACTeQ


The competition is over, but you can still download our puzzle and do it for fun, or just download the solution and figure out the clues you missed. 

Congratulations to Michele Buia (ENI) who was the first person to successfully complete our Christmas GeoCrossword.

For the 2nd year in a row the winner was not a native English speaker. Last year the winner was Anna Titova at the Reservoir Characterization Project at the Colorado School of Mines.

Honorable mentions also go to Mike Yates at Apache, Halim Rahal and Richard Barnwell at Terrex Seismic.

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