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Carbon Transition

ACTeQ is playing a growing role in the transition to a low carbon sustainable energy economy. Geophysical and operational expertise gained in the oil and gas industry is invaluable to address the  complex challenges of this emerging industry

Two offshore workers on the top of the windmill, wind farm.jpg


The planning and development of offshore wind farms depends on exact knowledge of soil conditions for foundation structures and high value interconnecting cables. Innovative, high-resolution seismic methods, multibeam bathymetry and effective project management are the key to successful site investigation

Image by Brian Patrick Tagalog

Carbon Sequestration

Determining if an area is geologically suitable for CO2 storage and monitoring sequestration, requires a combination of surface and borehole geophysical data (often DAS). ACTeQ offers sophisticated modeling and survey design functionality to deliver cost effective and successful sequestration and monitoring projects.

Krafla Power Plant in Iceland..jpg


Geothermal exploration often requires integration of seismic data with potential fields data such as gravity, magnetics, magnetotelluric and CSEM data. TesserACT is the only software capable of design and optimization of this type of multidisciplinary work program.

Image by Jonas Allert

Deep Sea Minerals

A wide range of geophysical techniques are required to map large deep-sea mineral deposits :  side-scan sonar, multibeam, chemical sensors, high-resolution seismic data, and even electromagnetic methods. ACTeQ can assist you with designing the optimum work program.  

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